Why not?

So why start a blog?

Really, to keep a promise to myself. I told myself I would start a blog “someday”

I think we all know Someday is always a day away.

I have always let my perfectionism, self-doubt, and laziness get in the way of my goals, dreams and passions. I’ve always been too busy-too tired, to do things. I was afraid to explore my passions or my curiosities. ‘


This year, I have begun to keep promises to myself. I have started to filter out the “I cant’s” and started listening to the “why nots?”

So far this year, I have joined different groups and organizations (only introverts will be able to understand), changed jobs, embraced minimalism, started to read through my TBR shelf, started drafting a novel, and now, started a blog.

See, this blog isn’t just about being an introvert(though that is part of it) – it’s about learning who I am, and sharing with others.

Why not?


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